Code Description Comment Price A$
AutoBr_01 M1 Autobridge Pocket Beginners edition with practise hands and instruction manual. Very good condition c1955 25.00
AutoBr_02 M2 Autobridge Pocket edition with practise hands and instruction manual. Good condition c1950 25.00
AutoBr_03 M3 Goren Autobridge Pocket version with hands and Point Count Bidding manual Good condition c1950 25.00
AutoBr_04 M159 Autobridge Junior hardboard version boxed with hands and instruction manual Good condition c1938 75.00
AutoBr_05 M4 Autobridge masonite playing board with hands good condition c1940 65.00
AutoBr_06 M5 Top quality autobridge in bakelite with hands And instruction manual Very good condition c1938 75.00
AutoBr_07 M6 Autbridge Par Hands from 1939 Olympiad in A4 booklet complete Rare excellent condition 55.00
AutoBr_08 M7 Original Autobridge instruction manual with advice on bidding and play Culbertson version c1935 30.00
AutoBr_09 M8 Autobridge Junior hardboard version boxed with hands and instruction manual Excellent condition 65.00
AutoBr_10 M9 Original Autobridge pocket version in case with hands good condition c.1950 25.00
AutoBr_11 M10 Autobridge playing board with hands in original box postmarked New York 1934 Good condition 85.00
AutoBr_12 M11 Quality Autobridge playing board with hands Very good condition c1945 45.00
AutoBr_13 M12 Autobridge hands – complete sets available Groups A-N plus beginners hands and olympic hands available 145.00
Boards_01 M13
Art Deco era 8 boards plus cards with case Rare in good condition 45.00
Boards_02 M14 Kalamazoo USA set of 8 boards in box with booklet on whist and Duplicate whist. Original cards from 1890s Beautiful-step back in time 200.00
Boards_03 M15 Kalamazoo USA set of 12 boards in box with original cards from 1890s Top condition 150.00
Boards_04 M16 Kalamazoo USA set of 16 boards in box with original colourful cards from 1910-1920s Top condition 180.00
Boards_05 M17 Set of 4 Brigette cards from art deco era Top condition 65.00
Boards_06 M18
Beautiful box with button to press to open containing 20 packs of unopened European style Piatnik cards plus trump indicators plus scoring pads and pencil sets Mint condition 225.00
Boards_07 M19
as above Further pix of boxed set
Boards_08 M20 Original Kalamazoo board – maybe the first duplicate board c 1890 45.00
Cards_03 M23 Scotty dog pack still in cellophane c1935 40.00
Cards_05 M24
Par point pack from 1936 World Championship Back of card indicates whether to deal to N,S,E or W. With box. 65.00
Cards_06 M25 Waddington boxed set of round cards c.1940 55.00
Cards_07 M26  ‘Crooked Deck’ playing cards Unusual, with novelty value 25.00
Cards_08 M27 boxed double set – oriental theme Very unusual and attractive 45.00
Cards_10 M29 Replica European style cards A1 condition 55.00
Cards_12 M31 Dewars whisky boxed single deck Nice condition 45.00
Cards_13 M32 Early European style whist cards Nice condition -look very rare c.1920 95.00
Cards_14 M33 Double Pack Lancia cards from Blue Team/Sharif Lancia tour 1975 One deck unopened, other as new 65.00
Cards_15 M34 Eagle 5-suit bridge cards boxed nice condition c.1945 55.00
Cards_16 M35 Crown 5-suit bridge cards boxed De la Rue early set c.1938 some wear 45.00
Cards_17 M36 Beautiful ship’s set of cards lovely red box good condition c.1920 75.00
Cards_18 M37 Forged pack of early US cards c.1880 As new 150.00
Cards_19 M38 Pack of 32 cards from 1812. French heroes. A real find. Unused condition. Priceless 650.00
Cards_20 M39 more pix of above more pix of above
Cards_21 M40 Forged pack of early US cards c.1880 as new with wrapper 200.00
Cards_22 M41 Boxed bakelite autobridge plus hands and instruction manual c.1980 good to use now price new over $100 55.00
Cards_23 M42
Beautiful boxed set of European style whist cards plus whist markers Classic set beautiful 225.00
Cards_24 M43 Original double pack Kem Cards in case 1935 unused 75.00
Cards_25 M44 unopened point count cards – 2 double packs Mint condition c.1950 75.00
Counter_01 M45 2 metal whist counters in velvet case Top condition excellent condition c1890 150.00
Counter_02 M46 Whist counter Unusual, with novelty value 125.00
Counter_03 M47 Whist counter c.1935 100.00
Culbert_01 M48 Culbertson rubber bridge chips in bakelite case Beautiful c.1930 200.00
Culbert_02 M49 Letter from Culbertson re world peace A1 condition 65.00
Culbert_03 M50 Culbertson propelling pencil in case with scores on barrell very good condition c.1940 45.00
Culbert_04 M51
Culbertson Jo-Jotte cards plus instructions in box very good condition c.1941 55.00
Culbert_05 M52 Culbertson metal card shuffler very good condition c.1942 45.00
Culbert_06 M53 Authentic Culbertson signatures very good condition c.1943 75.00
Culbert_07 M54 Ely and Josephine Culbertson authentic signatures Unique 125.00
Culbert_08 M55 Press cuttings of Culbertson family and Sydney Lenz, from ‘Match of the Century’ very good condition c.1943 40.00
Culbert_09 M56 Culbertson bidding digest 1935 Bruelhide booklet 30.00
Deco_01 M57 Magic Bridge boxed set – reusable “magic” pads with ladless pencils unusual art deco 45.00
Deco_02 M58 Purple mother-of-pearl bridge art deco set with trump indicator, card holder, table numbers, scoring case and pencils unusual art deco 1924 115.00
Deco_03 M59 Boxed double pack with trump indicator and scoring pads Rare Australiana with “Advance Australia Fair” on Ace of Spades c.1930 150.00
Deco_04 M60 wooden boxed double pack with scorers Very art deco 75.00
Deco_05 M61 Metal scorepad holder plus rubber scoring pad c.1940 25.00
Deco_06 M62 Scarf boxed set of scorers plus tallies Late art deco c.1935 55.00
Deco_07 M63 Culbertson auto-scorer Interesting 25.00
Deco_08 M64 wooden boxed scorepad holder Art deco 45.00
Deco_09 M65 Set of 4 beautiful art deco bridge scorepads – boxed Nice condition very attractive 45.00
Deco_10 M66 Set of 4 Auction bridge scorers – boxed Nice condition very attractive elephant motif 25.00
Deco_11 M67 beautiful deco scorepad Wonderful art work 35.00
Deco_12 M68
Fabulous boxed bridge set includes 4 unopened decks, bridge chips, card holder, gambling dice, scoring pads and pencils Difficult to date-maybe 1940s 95.00
Deco_13 M69
Suit motif earrings plus necklace in box art deco 120.00
Deco_14 M70
Auction Bridge print blotting pad Delightful 35.00
Deco_15 M71 Punch cartoon from 1905 – press cutting Delightful 30.00
Deco_16 M72 The Big Top’ boxed cartoon tallies art deco 55.00
Deco_17 M73 Deco table numbers with box art deco paper 35.00
Deco_18 M74 beautiful deco combined table numbers and scorepads in box With apt sayings lovely  65.00
Deco_19 M75 Boxed ‘Black Cat’ table numbers and pencil set I just luv art deco table numbers, and this is a beauty 150.00
Goren_01 M76 Official Chas Goren unopened double pack textura cards in box Wonderful Goren memorabilia 65.00
Goren_02 M77
Box of Goren cartoon cocktail napkins Tissue pack c.1950 45.00
Goren_03 M78 Goren press cutting ‘Larceny at the Table’ From Sports Illustrated 25.00
Goren_04 M79 Boxed set ‘An Evening of Bridge with Charles Goren’ Hands to play with booklet and special cards 40.00
Goren_05 M80 Boxed bridge set – 4 Goren textura decks unopened plus scorepad and pencils Wonderful Goren memorabilia 85.00
Goren_06 M81 2 styles – Goren Bidding wheels A1 condition 35.00
Goren_07 M82 LP record ‘Learn Bridge with Goren’ With wrapper still intact voice of Goren 55.00
Goren_08 M83 Goren point count double flipper 15.00
Misc_01 M84 Bridge Babies – boxed booklet of cute pix c.1960 35.00
Misc_02 M85 Ling-Whist double pack Learn Spanish cards – boxed 35.00
Misc_03 M86
Culbertson catalogue for bridge accessories c.1930 Super rare 75.00
Misc_04 M87 Boxed Bezique double pack with rules and markers Velvet lined unusual cards 125.00
Misc_05 M88 Bridge for Juniors boxed bridge game c.1970 40.00
Misc_06 M89 Bridge Keno boxed game c.1950 45.00
Misc_07 M90 Unopened Learn to Play Bridge game Large size unopened 65.00
Misc_08 M91 Jacoby Solo Bridge game Jacoby autobridge 45.00
Misc_09 M92 Goren’s Rolomatic Bridge game all parts there- like autobridge  25.00
Misc_10 M93 Bridge for Juniors boxed bridge game Learn to play 40.00
Misc_11 M94 Press cutting of Cavendish on Whist From US mag 30.00
Misc_12 M95 Boxed Bezique double pack plus rules and markers It’s all there, with buttons, dials and pointers 135.00
Misc_13 M96 Learn Winning Bridge with the Aces Flashcard Quizzes suit combinations and bidding quizes 45.00
Misc_14 M97 Boxed Draw-Bridge game for 2 with wooden holders With rare Waddington booklet 120.00
Misc_15 M98 Boxed Bridgette double pack Unopened 35.00
Misc_16 M99 Boxed flashcards for bridge c.1955 50.00
Misc_17 M100 Boxed Bridge for 6 unused c.1960 45.00
Misc_18 M101 LP record Play Bridge with Morton Rubinow plus booklet 45.00
Misc_19 M102 LP record ‘Hear how to play winning bridge with Oswald Jacoby’ Voice of Oswald Jacoby 45.00
Misc_20 M103 Disk-o-Bridge board game in box some damage to box-pre autobridge self play 75.00
Pencils_01 M104 Set of 4 trump indicators (suit motif) with suit indicator pencils rare unusual 65.00
Pencils_02 M105 Boxed set of 4 eagle pencils with suit motif indicators nice in box 55.00
Pencils_03 M106 Boxed set of 4 metal propelling pencils with suit motifs very attractive c.1950 220.00
Stamp_02 M107 Barbados Bermuda Bowl fridge magnet with postage stamp  nice 35.00
Stamps_01 M108 Bermuda bowl 1975 stamps with card motifs stamp set 35.00
TableNo_01 M109 Set of 6 boxed table numbers art deco 35.00
TableNo_02 M110 Set of 9 boxed deco table numbers art deco butterfly motif 55.00
TableNo_03 M111 Boxed set of 4 ceramic table numbers From 50s 30.00
TableNo_04 M112 Boxed set of 4 roly-poly combination table numbers and trump indicators with pencils delightful 60.00
TableNo_05 M113 as above as above
TableNo_06 M114 Set of 6 parrot design deco table numbers with moving trump indicator panel very art deco 65.00
TableNo_07 M115 Set of 4 boxed table numbers plus pencils art deco 55.00
TableNo_08 M116 Boxed set of 4 table numbers Unique roly-poly set 65.00
TableNo_09 M117 Set of 6 bakelite table numbers in case art deco 55.00
TableNo_10 M118 Set of 4 combination table numbers and scorepads with parrot design Great art deco set 45.00
TableNo_11 M119 Boxed set of 4 art deco table numbers so cool 100.00
TableNo_12 M120 Boxed bridge set with table numbers, bridge scorepad and combination pencil and trump indicator ship motif new in box 85.00
TableNo_13 M121 set of 3 combination table numbers and trump indicators rare but not complete 65.00
TableNo_14 M122 Set of 4 table numbers probably 40s 35.00
TableNo_15 M123 Boxed set of combination table numbers and ashtrays as new 100.00
TableNo_16 M124 set of 4 bakelite table numbers simple 25.00
TableNo_17 M125 Boxed set of 4 pyramid table numbers art deco 40.00
TableNo_18 M126 set of 4 deco table numbers no box 80.00
TableNo_19 M127 Beautiful set of 4 parrot table numbers trump indicator on end of perch Unbelievably gorgeous 225.00
TableNo_20 M128
Boxed set of 4 elephant table numbers so cute 125.00
TableNo_21 M129 Boxed set of 4 combination table numbers and scorepads unusual art deco 45.00
TableNo_22 M130 Boxed set of 8 table numbers maybe perspex unusual art deco 55.00
TableNo_24 M131 Boxed set of 4 table numbers Goren era  35.00
Tally_01 M132
Fabulous set of 24 hand painted deco tallies depicting women of fashion super item  150.00
Tally_02 M133 Set of 6 parrot tallies art deco 45.00
Tally_03 M134 Beautiful set of 4 bird tallies nice gaphics 40.00
Tally_04 M135 Set of 4 USA motif tallies nice 50s 30.00
Tally_05 M136 Set of 4 deco tallies Enchanting 40.00
Tally_06 M137 Set of 6 owl tallies unusual 25.00
Tally_07 M138 Set of 12 King design cloth tallies home made 25.00
Tally_08 M139 Cloth bridge scorepad plus 4 tallies and pencil attractive art deco 30.00
TrumpInd_01 M140 Metal combination trump indicator, whist counter and score pad holder Rare auction bridge era 255.00
TrumpInd_02 M141 Brass trump indicator Attractive earlier type 125.00
TrumpInd_03 M142 Brass trump indicator tabs move to reaveal trump suit nice piece 125.00
TrumpInd_04 M143 Copper globe trump indicator common globe indicator 60.00
TrumpInd_05 M144 Metal pill box trump indicator From Germany 100.00
TrumpInd_06 M145 Copper helmsman trump indicator attractive 115.00
TrumpInd_07 M146 Brass trump indicator No faults 100.00
TrumpInd_08 M147 Ceramic combination trump indicator and ashtray No pointer 105.00
TrumpInd_09 M148 Ceramic combination trump indicator and card holder No pointer 95.00
TrumpInd_10 M149 Brass Trump Indicator dated but still nice 85.00
TrumpInd_11 M150 Copper Trump Indicator Works well very ornate 95.00
TrumpInd_12 M151 Bakelite elephant trump indicator with pencil copy from 1950 75.00
TrumpInd_13 M152 Wooden trump indicators looks recently made 30.00
TrumpInd_14 M153 Bakelite trump indicator Typical design 65.00
TrumpInd_15 M154 Metal trump indicator Works well 85.00
TrumpInd_16 M155 Bakelite trump indicator Typical design 65.00
TrumpInd_17 M156 Bakelite dog trump indicator with pencil Pre-bridge trump indicator-some repairs 100.00
TrumpInd_18 M157 Copper trump indicator Very ornate design 95.00
WhistMark_01 M158 Whist markers  Some for 500 $25 each 25.00